Open Top Stainless Steel Vat

 Open Top Stainless Steel Vat


Standard Open Top Vat Sizes - 42"x48" Base
Approx. OAH
 28 CF
208 Gallons
24" OAH
35 CF
260 Gallons
36" OAH
42 CF
313 Gallons
42" OAH
49 CF
365 Gallons
48" OAH
56 CF
417 Gallons
54" OAH
 70 CF
521 Gallons
66" OAH

Bonar's Open Top Vats are designed to meet and exceed the specific USDA and FDA design requirements for the food, pharmaceutical and meat industries.

  • 4 way forklift access.

  • Standard and custom sizes available.

  • Standard 42" x 48" footprint.

  • Fabricated from T-304 or T316 stainless steel material.

  • Internal welds finished to meet USDA requirements.

  • 2" sweeping radius on all corners for ease of cleaning.

  • Sealed oval leg design.

  • HD 10 gauge thick one piece stamped bottom heads on standard vats.

    Optional Features:

  • Stacking Guides

  • Outlet Drain & Cap

  • Top edge design

  • Base sizes: 42" x 42", 36" x 36"

  • Other custom sizes to meet your space available requirements.

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