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B 120


Bonar B120 

120 Gallon Tote

This intermediate bulk container was specifically designed to meet increasing regulatory
standards while overcoming the limitations of other mini-bulk tanks.
The evolutionary B120 is an engineered material handling system that offers an unsurpassed
combination of safety, form, and functionality. The B120 provides complete evacuation from its
sloped bottom and center sump. No more puddling problems associated with old style flat bottomed,
multiple sump tanks. The innovative new adapter system gives you and your customers unlimited,
tamper evident pump options. UN certified with a 2" adapter cap or the Scienco® DD6 diaphragm pump. 

•6" threaded adapter collar engineered to add extra strength
•Protective pocket for literature, MSDS sheets, labels, etc.
•Distinctive square design makes the most of expensive warehouse and truck space
•Non-integral foam filled top skirt provides extra pump protection and easy stacking
•Domed top and center 6" openings provide complete drainage
•Two extra tamper evident 2" buttress openings
•Non-integral pallet base is four-way fork-liftable and fits standard pallet jack
•Four convenient recessed areas available for protect label and logo application
•Neck has 7" opening for RedyCap

Rated Capacity
Actual Capacity
D x H Inches/cm
Tare Weight
Maximum Gross Mass
42" x 42" x 47"
107 x 107 x 119
All weights & dimensions are approximate. Dimensions may be +/- one inch (1").



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