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Polar Merchandiser


Self-contained, portable merchandising unit

This versatile, portable kiosk has a fresh, streamline design and a unique,
insulated reversible ice tray and is 99% self-contained.
Use for displaying seafood, produce, beverages or any other items.
Great for special event and sale merchandising.

Base colors: Granite (grey) or Sandstone (beige) Ice Tray colors: Blue

Self-contained unit
•Nearly eliminates safety concerns associated with water drainage

Outside dimension base: 46" x 37" x 26"
Weight: 70 lbs.

Insulated Ice Tray: 48" x 40" x 11.5"
Weight: 61 lbs.

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Key Features

• Available with or without casters
• No mechanical refrigeration necessary
• Freedom to place kiosk in any location, indoor or out


    Fresh, streamlined design

Aesthetically pleasing
2-piece box & ice tray
Available with or without sneeze guard
Storage area underneath unit 



  Reversible, insulated ice tray
•One side of tray is raised
•One side of tray is flat
•Keeps ice frozen longer reducing ice consumption
•Drain plus in tray allows for easy draining
•Available in blue or white








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