Spill Clean Up System



Spill Clean-Up System

Accidental spills call for immediate response. Bonar Plastics presents a Complete Spill Clean-Up System (SP 031) to help you safely handle and dispose of accidental spills. The Complete System includes drum with lid, dolly, black vinyl skirt and Accessory Kit which includes broom, shovel and dust pan. Our Spill System (SP 030) is also available without the Accessory Kit.


•35-gallon polyethylene drum with attached lid. Drum fits snugly inside dolly for easy transport
•Polyethylene dolly with four, 4" casters. Two back casters lock to provide greater stability
•Drum features a skirt around its top with straps to attach a broom, shovel and dust pan. A pouch for storage of accessories such as gloves, towels, bottles, etc.
•Snap-on vinyl covers the wide 16" x 18" opening at the front allowing easy access to stored absorbents
•Drum & Dolly Base are individually shipped via UPS
•Drum color available in black or orange



 SP 030 Spill Dolly, includes Drum, Dolly & Skirt
Drum; 22" x 27"
Dolly Base: 27" x 25" x 18"
SP 031  Spill Dolly - includes Drum, Dolly, Skirt, Broom ,Shovel & Dustpan
Drum: 22" x 27"
Dolly Base; 27" x 25" x 18"



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